Sushi Bar in Worcester, Massachusetts
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Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Auburn, Massachusetts
Best Chinese Restaurant in Auburn, Massachusetts
Sushi Restaurant in Worcester/Auburn, Massachusetts
Bar One & Sushi
Worcester County's Premier Sushi Bar & Chinese Restaurant Located in Auburn, Massachusetts
Worcester's Premier Sushi Restaurant

Bar One & Sushi offers a fine dining experience with authentic chinese cuisine and elegant, hand crafted sushi rolls by some of the most experienced sushi chefs in Worcester County, Massachusetts. Bar One & Sushi pride themselves on being the most elegant sushi bar in Worcester County offering a wide selection of sushi, sashimi, nigiri, soups, salads, sushi party trays and chinese food in Auburn, Massachusetts.

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Award Winning Sushi Restaurant in Worcester MA



Bar One & Sushi 850 Southbridge St Auburn MA
 (774) 321-6075